Vijay Singh decides to sue PGA Tour

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh has decided to take legal action against the PGA Tour for their actions in banning him from competitive play without conducting any testing for his admission of using deer antler spray. The way this issue was dealt with by the PGA leads a lot of people in the game to believe the Fijian has strong betting chance of being successful in the courts. The golfer did admit to using the a spray that had a small amount of the growth hormone banned by the World AntiDoping Agency, and was then immediately banned from the game. However, Vijay won an appeal and was able to get back into the game.

The golfer’s lawsuit has been filed and claims that he has been ‘humiliated, ridiculed and emotionally distraught’. The PGA has yet to comment of the affair, but they must feel that Vijay does have a strong case for being unfairly treated. In the first instance, there were no testing done, before the decision to ban the golfer was taken. If this was actually done, it would have shown that the product that Singh was using had no active biological ingredient and therefore would not have improved nay part of his performance.

It is just unbelievable that such an organisation would be so foolhardy in bringing a such a long standing player  on the circuit into disrepute and could well have caused irreparable damage to the player’s image and earning potential both on and off the course.

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