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Sergio Garcia offends Tiger Woods


Sergio Garcia has managed to embarrass himself and sully golf with public comments about ‘fried chicken’ whilst referring to what he would serve Tiger Woods for dinner. It is no secret that these two famous players just don’t seem to get along and there would be no betting on them ever being friends in the near future. However, the comments were definitely made in poor taste and although Sergio claimed that there were no racist meanings intended, to the common person, and to myself, one would have to say that it was racist and clearly shows there is still some work to do in changing people’s thinking and attitudes towards black players.

To Sergio’s defence, he did immediately offer an unreserved apology and did try to contact Tiger personally to offer his regret for making the comments. However, for a grown man, in such a public way to make such inappropriate comments, would lead anyone to think that he is probably quite accustomed to making such comments in private and thus it was easy for the ‘slip of the tongue’. Tiger did show his obvious and totally understandable displeasure of the whole affair, but as usual, the world number one did not make a huge deal of the incident and instead acted with dignity throughout the affair.

Both players have agreed the focus going forward should be golf, and it is probably for the best that everyone looks at the next tournament. But it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth and I am genuinely shocked that such a high profile player at the top of his game, can behave in such a shameful manner. For me, I think the apology was more for his sponsors and it was the smart thing to do, after making such a public mistake.


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Adam Scott wins the Green Jacket

Adam Scott

The Masters 2013 was one of the best ever golfing tournaments I have ever witnessed. Bookmakers and fans alike  enjoyed a great weekend and there were enough instances during the tournament to keep the online betting and betting-in-play at levels that have never been seen before! We had the youngest guy at 14 years old, and making the cut. There was the resurgence of Tiger Woods and all the expectation that comes with him looking to reclaim the Green Jacket after so many years of struggling in his personal life and injuries. The rain on the last day, made it so much more interesting, and somehow brought the best out of players. Then finally there was the sudden death play-off, with the first ever Australian to slip on the Green Jacket!

The last day was just tremendous with three players fighting to be in the lead or just to keep up with each other. There was Adam, Snedeker, Cabrera and Day who were all going at it in the rain, trying to keep their heads together and block out the pressure of the occasion and relentless rain. In the end, Cabrera and Scott were the last two standing and the sudden death play-off was the fitting end to a tournament filed with excitement and drama.

Tiger Woods tried his best to catch up to the leaders on day three, but the rain affected the speed of the green, and the World Number One struggled to get a handle on the change in conditions. Rory Mcllory was no where in the running, even though he started the tournament full of confidence and in the hope of regaining the Number One spot back from Woods, but the Northern Irishman could only finish joint 25th.


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Can Rory regain top spot at Houston


After Tiger Woods achieving the World Number One ranking by winning at Bay Hill, Rory Mcllory has the perfect opportunity to wrestle back the top spot with a win in the Houston Open this weekend. The golfers enjoy a great relationship, on and off the green,  with Rory being one of the first to congratulate Tiger on being Number One since losing it way back in October 2010. The Irishman actually admitted that Tiger Woods sent him a text saying to get his finget out and ‘win this week’. For the sake of golfing fans all over the world, we are all betting that Rory win at Houston in order for this year to have some excitement and thrills on who will be the best.

Rory would have expected to be in the running, but at the early stages of the Houston Open, he has been struggling with an initial score of one over par 73. But there is still enough time for him to make up on lost ground, so fingers crossed, golf fans could still be in for a treat. Whatever happens we are all in for an exciting year, with Tiger finally back on form, but not anywhere near his best. Pundits have all been agreement, that one thing is for certain, that the American’s confidence is returning and with that will come more wins together with ever improving form.

Mcllory admits that he enjoys Tiger’s company and relishes the chance to go against one of the best golfers the world has ever seen. I suspect that Rory will want to go against a fully fit and in form Tiger, and come out on top. This would finally prove to all his critics that he is the the best in golf and more importantly, the future of golf – with Tiger being the shoved into the history books. However, the American will no doubt have other plans! Tiger has already stated that he wants to be better than he was back in the day, and believes that his new swing, experience and more clam private life can lead him to be a better golfer than he was when he dominated the game years ago.


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