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Arsenal needs a new Gunner

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So far this season, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal have managed to keep ahead of the pack and stay top of the English Premier League after 20 games, with 45 points – one more than Manchester City and two more than Chelsea.  However, Highbury’s faithful together with any sports betting fan that has staked cash on the North London winning the League title will certainly feel that Wenger needs to look for at least one more striker during the January transfer window. The growing consensus is that with the injuries to both Olivier Giroud and Nicklas Bendtner, it only leaves one recognised striker in the squad – and this then necessitates the purchase of at least more striker to help ensure the club press on for their first English Premier League title in almost ten long dreary years.

Wenger has already ruled former Manchester United and now Fulham striker, Dimitar Berbatov. It is rumoured that Wenger does not like the ‘relaxed’ style of play of the Bulgarian striker. This means means anyone betting on possible purchases can focus on other potential candidates. There is the Spanish international Michu who currently plays for Swansea City. Arsene has stated that the player reminds him of a Dennis Bergkamp, which is a huge compliment to any player!

There is of course the stories that Monaco’s hitman, Radamel Falcao is looking for a move away from French club. His scoring record is second to none, but there is a huge price tag of 60 million euro which Arsenal will have to weigh up. Someone that maybe more affordable and still bring in the goals, could be Jay Rodriguez playing at Southampton, and there is the possibility of even luring his team-mate Lallana to increase the probability of Jay settling in quickly.

Wenger can also consider Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata. Although it has been reported the Arsenal manager was not keen on the striker, it maybe time to revisit this option. If the reports and rumours are right, Wenger has already secured Morata’s services on a six month loan deal, however, this is yet to be confirmed by the club.

Whatever decision is made, one thing is for certain, the English Premier League title race has never been more exciting, with so many clubs in with a real chance of winning the title and all the glory that comes with it!


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Jessica Ennis-Hill out of World Championships

Jessica Ennis-Hills

Jessica Ennis-Hill has decided to withdraw from the World Championships, after a relatively poor performance at the Anniversary Games, to fully recover from an Achilles injury. This injury has plagued the athlete all year, causing her to miss five events this year. The Anniversary Games was only her second competitive appearance since winning gold at London 2012, and it showed, as Jessica only managed fourth place in the 100m hurdles and finished in last place for the long jump. Jessica and her coach Toni Minichiello have taken the prudent decision in missing the games in Moscow in an effort to getting rid of the nagging injury once and for all, which in their estimation should take a maximum of four months.

Sports betting fans will be hoping that she will be back in business in time for the Commonwealth Games in 2014, and even though it will be a bitter pill to swallow in the sense of not being able to compete for such a long period of time, it is most definitely the right decision as the risk of causing irreparable damage is just to high. At this point in the Olympic heptathlon champion has to think about the next few years. Jessica already achieved gold and still has lot more good years left in her, so there is no rush and the athlete is better concentrating on getting completely rid of the Achilles injury.

The athlete has been quite lucky in her career not not suffer from any major issues since her multiple stress in her foot in 2008. So hopefully she will be able to overcome this latest injury and be back to her best. One can take solace in the fact that Jessica Innes-Hill is only one of a number of Olympic and World Champions who will not be involved in the World Championships in Moscow, which will held from the 10th to the 18th August.


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Mercedes Lewis Hamilton wins at the Hungarian GP

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Lewis Hamilton had an emotional win at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the first win for the season and the Mercedes team. The Englishman started in pole position and even though he had his doubts on whether he could win the race under the hot conditions and his ongoing struggle with Pirelli tyres. But these doubts all disappeared as he dominated the race from start to finish, only losing the lead when having to pit. Online sports betting operators like Bet365 had Lewis at 9/1 to win the race and would have been glad to see the odds on favourite Sebastian Vettel finish the race in third position, as Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen came in second.

It was the first time that everything went well for Lewis and his Mercedes team, with him starting in pole position, tyres coping well with the heat,  no system failures and sublime driving from the Mercedes driver. In contrast, the other drivers had issues and incidents to contend with in qualifying and during the actual race. Red Bull’s Mark Webber started off 10th on the grid, and was totally unimpressed with his team and car. Yet again, Lotus’ Romain Grosjean was in the middle of a few incidents that cost him and other drivers time and position during the race, which saw him awarded a drive through penalty and a 20 second time penalty to his race time. Red Bull’s Vettel suffered as he touched McLaren’s Jenson Button which resulted in Vettel’s damaging with front wing in Turn Two, and then he had problems with his Kers power boost system overheating.

Lewis did his part as well, as the crowds saw his flawless skill in overtaking to ensure his win. The Mercedes driver is comfortable at this track where he has now won four times out of seven starts. It was notably quite an emotional win for the driver for a number of reasons, it was his first win of the season and for Mercedes, it came as a shock considering he has started in pole position before only to see his position diminish as the race progressed and his tyres gave way, and finally it has been a difficult past few weeks in his personal life with the break up of his long time girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.

I am hoping this win will inspire even more from Lewis and fulfil his true potential whilst at the same time silencing his critics and winning some cash for his betting fans!


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New £30m Manchester United bid for Fabregas

sports betting

Manchester United have increased their offer to £30 million in an effort to acquire Barcelona’s midfielder Cesc Fabregas. The Red Devils had an initial offer of £25 million turned down by Barcelona, with both club and player stating they were both happy to remain in each other’s company for the foreseeable future. However, Manchester United are hoping the Catalan club will be tempted to take the cash and release the Spanish international. Old Trafford’s Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward is now focusing on this deal and any sports betting fan will know United usually get their player once the news go public.

Cesc Fabregas is a product of Barcelona’s La Masia academy and at the age of 16 was signed by North London club Arsenal. He went on to become The Gunners youngest ever player at the age of 16 years and 177 days when he played against Rotherham United in the League Cup in October 2003. The player also became a key part in Wenger’s team, and even became Arsenal captain in November 2008. The Spaniard enjoyed 8 good years at Arsenal and was always a crowd favourite, with 303 game under his belt and 57 goals.

The player returned to Barcelona, as expected, because everyone knew his first love and desire was to the Catalan club where he grew up and developed his skills as a boy. In 2011 he agreed a five year deal estimated to be around £25.4 million, and since then has played 96 games and been involved in winning the Copa del Rey in 2011/12 and La Liga in 2012/13. Although he has not featured as much as he would like, it was probably expected that Iniesta and Xavi would naturally be first choice in the mid-field, but Cesc would expect to be more involved as time goes on.

Manchester United are hoping that they can acquire the mid fielder to plug a gap that has been there for quite some time and is know getting desperate with Paul Scholes recent retirement. It maybe that Cesc can be tempted back to the English Premier League, as he has already stated he will be ahppy with whatever decision is taken by his current employer and it will give him a chance to be reunited with his ex Arsenal chum, Robin van Persie!


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Formula One drivers threaten to withdraw at German GP


It has been confirmed that Formula One drivers have threatened to withdraw from the German Grand Prix if there is another set of tyre failures as seen at Silverstone. The news is not surprising considering what was witnessed at the British Grand Prix and comments made by several of the drivers, including Lewis Hamilton after the race. There were an unprecedented six incidents involving tyre blowouts and failures, one of which arguably cost Lewis Hamilton at the very least a podium finish. This no doubt would have been good news for betting operators, but not great for sports betting fans with money on Lewis to win that weekend.

Some may feel the drivers should not pursue this avenue, but the fact is that the drivers are the ones placing their lives at risk and are in the front line. In light of this, it is understandable that they have their say and express their genuine concerns on aspects of racing that can be life threatening and more importantly can and should be improved. Pirelli and the FIA have reacted to this and to their credit, the tyre manufacturer has changed the tyres for the German Grand Prix.

After the first day of practice for the German GP, there have been repeat of the incidents seen at the British Grand Prix and drivers have been in the main quite happy and pleased with the new set of tyres introduced by Pirelli. lewis Hamilton and Vettel were the fastest drivers from the two practice sessions. Vettel was one of the drivers that confirmed that his team was ‘happy Pirelli brought a new tyre for this event’ and it definitely showed that Pirelli ‘had the flexibility to react in a couple of days’.

Let’s hope that al goes well and the drivers and tyres stand up the extensive scrutiny over the coming weekend.



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Perfect 10 for Spain in Confederations Cup

Fernando Torres

Spain enjoyed a perfect game scoring 10 goals against Tahiti in the Confederations Cup. Fernando Torres netted four goals, while David Villa scored three. It was an impeccable performance by one the best teams in the world today, and it is unfortunate that even this win does not guarantee their place in the semi-final. However, sports betting punters would be feeling pretty confident that Spain will be in the last four of the competition, and in fact are odds on favourite to get to the last stage. Tahiti was out classed, but can take pride in the fact that they tried their hardest to get on the score sheet and did not just ‘park the bus in front of the goal’.

Spain fielded ten changes in the game and showed their depth of talent as they wore down Tahiti’s resolve by scoring three goals in eight minutes in the first half. One could have believed that Tahiti should have been able to hold out for the second half and contain Spain running rampant all over the pitch, but it was not to be, and the world class team showed why they are feared in the International arena.

Anyone fancy their chances in predicting the winner of the competition and indeed any of the dozens of betting market both before and during the games, should definitely go to Bet365 for the best prices and markets available on the net!



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Joe Kinnear is Director of Football at Newcastle

Joe Kinnear

It has just been confirmed that Joe Kinnear has been appointed as Director of Football at Newcastle United, and will be taking on the responsibility of recruiting players for the club. The former Newcastle United manager has signed a three year deal as Director of Football, and will be looking to bring Newcastle into the top ten of the English Premier League. He has not yet met up with current manager, Alan Pardew, but Joe expects no drama or problems working with Alan, as the Director of Football has already stated his role does not include ‘picking the team’. Sports betting fans at Newcastle will be all hoping that it will be a positive factor next season.

Joe Kinnear did have a brief term at Newcastle, but was forced to resign due to a triple heart bypass. His record as manager is not the best, in fact, the only worse manager for Newcastle has been Alan Shearer’s time as manager. However, it is no secret that Newcastle owner, Mike Ashley admires and respects him. Mike Ashley probably sees Joe as the man that can  take away the hard decisions of getting rid of players from Alan Pardew, which will leave the manager to get with focusing on winning games and moving up the English Premier League table.

The real question going forward is how Alan Pardew will react to the news and whether or not, the manager had any input in the decision to bring back the 66 year old. It maybe that it underlines Mike Ashley’s resolve in ensuring Newcastle finish in the top ten next season, and although all seems good in theory, it will interesting to see how the two men work on a practical level to make next season in top flight football a success.

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Manchester City sack Mancini

Roberto Mancini

On Monday night 13th May, the announcement that every sports betting fan was expecting finally came through, Manchester City confirmed that Roberto Mancini has been sacked after three and half years in charge. The date is unfortunate as the 13th May 2012 was the exact day that City enjoyed their finest ever moment to claim the English Premier League title for the first time in 44 years. The official word is that the club’s targets were simply not met and as as a result the manager had to go. However, Sheikh Mansour was quick to thank Roberto for his commitment and accomplishments during his tenture at the club and also stated he wished to remain friends with the Italian.

This year has been disappointing, there is no disputing that fact, and one would have thought that the owners are well within their right to expect more than losing to Wigan in the FA Cup as the highlight to a season, with some much money spent on the acquisition of players. But some point not only to the lack of titles and trophies, but to Roberto mancini’s confrontational style of management. There have been many examples of this, and all of them very public, like dealing with Tevez, Mario Balotelli, and Joe Hart.

The Italian seemed to accept his fate and said that we have to expect these types of decisions in football. The next interesting part of the saga will be who Manchester City appoint as Mancini’s replacement, and how long that term will last.

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Liverpool’s Suarez a total disgrace

luis suarezAfter one of the most disgraceful acts witnessed in English Premier League football, in which the world saw Liverpool’s Luis Suarez bite Chelsea’s Ivanovic, Liverpool Football Club has decided that a fine and anger management classes is a fitting punishment. Sports betting fans who bet on Chelsea to win that game will be gutted that not only did match officials not see ‘the biting’, but the fact that Luis Suarez was instrumental in the Liverpool equaliser!

Although the FA has yet to rule on the incident, it is quite shameful that with all the striker’s past indiscretions Liverpool Football Club did not have the guts to do what everyone in the football world expected; which was for the striker to be shown shown the door. It just goes to reinforce the fact that these high profile football players are a law unto themselves and it does seem to prove that anything is excusable once the player is deemed essential.

This does go against what Brendan Rodgers actually stated in his press conference after the incident. In that interview, he stated that no player (or manager) was more important that the club, and that anyone can be replaced. I, like so many others, thought that was indeed the last straw for Luis, and that his manager finally had enough of the player’s stupidity and lack of judgement.

One can only hope that the 26 year old Uruguayan can change his ways, but there seems little evidence of that throughout his playing career , with racist, diving, lack of sportsmanship shown by no handshake with Evra and a blatant handball in an FA Cup tie.


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Arsenal still in the game


Arsenal 3-1 win against Norwich today pushes the Gunners into third position in the English Premier League table. It was a game that truly showed Arsene Wenger’s team at their best in terms of resolve and spirit as they scored three goals in the last seven minutes of the game. It will come as a welcome relief to die hard Arsenal sports betting fans who who would have placed everything they have on their team finishing in the Top 4 at the season. Wenger, unsurprisingly, praised his team for their attitude and being ready to fight till the end. However, Norwich players and fans would be blaming yet another debatable referee decision for a penalty five minutes before the end of the match.

The issue with regards to the penalty was that the referee being less than ten yards away saw nothing wrong, but supported his linesman to award a penalty even though he was more than forty-five yards away from the actual incident. As per usual, it brought into play official decisions and the logic of how they are awarded. In this case, it only served to completely disorientate the Norwich team and they never really recovered from a decision that the Canaries manager deemed as ‘almost criminal’.

The result leaves Norwich in fourteenth position in the Premier League table, and  puts pressure on Chelsea to win their next match away to Fulham on Wednesday. Can the Gunners luck hold out and see them end the season on a high and be in the Champions League action next season – only time will tell!


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