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Premier League on Boxing Day

We all appreciate that football players, especially in the Premier League, should have a deserved rest and family time for the festive season. Top clubs who are still involved in the Champions League and Europa League will certainly find it even more demanding. It is quite common for clubs like Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United to be playing a competitive match every three days, which is very demanding especially when faced with Away games.

However, to be without football for entire week has its downsides. One would imagine that this would be the perfect time to catch up  on all the unplayed podcasts, you tube videos, transfer news and football gossip; but this cannot quench the thirst for competitive play and the drama of the Premier League.

Anyways, all that we can do right now is to look forward to action on Boxing Day Monday, and as a result, here is a list of games to be played:

Watford vs Crystal Palace – 12:30

Arsenal vs West Brom – 15:00

Burnley vs Middlesbrough – 15:00

Chelsea vs Bournemouth – 15:00

Leicester vs Everton – 15:00

Manchester United vs Sunderland – 15:00

Swansea vs West Ham – 15:00

Hull vs Manchester City – 17:15


It goes without saying that we all wish Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney, Jose Mourinho and all the Premier League, a lovely Christmas. Plus, all the very best wishes on a successful recovery to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Eric Bailly and Luke Shaw.


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All sports betting leads to the Manchester Derby

On Sunday we will witness another Manchester derby. This game will probably be one of the most significant encounters of the English  Premier League season. There are a few reason for this view, both clubs are top fo the table with Manchester United top, with City in close second. There is also the fact that Manchester City has now settled into being a top club and (apart from the Champions League) have started to handle the pressure of being at the top. This means the derby should be a worthwhile match between the two clubs, and if the last two encounters is anything to go by, it will be very eventual. Sports betting punters will be counting the minutes to the game, as it will prove not only a great time to place bets before the game, but in-play betting will be a crucial time to make soem extra cash!

It must be noted that both teams have their problems and have not been playing to their full potential. Manchester City failed to qualify for the knock out stages of the Champions League competition, and did so badly that the club did not even qualify for the Europa League! In the Premier League they have also been floundering and for the last few games have been struggling to score goals drawing against Everton and Chelsea. Hopefully, David Silva will be available after a hamstring injury, with James Milner and Clichy waiting to get back into the first team.

Manchester United has been struggling to keep clean sheets all throughout the season, with Sir Alex Ferguson worried about the amount of defensive errors that are occurring on a regular basis. Vidic might be able to make a surprise return, but the Red Devils will have to keep their concentration in order to take the pressure off their formidable attacking force. It is here that one maybe able to see an advantage, as where as City’s attack is finding it hard to score, Man United’s Rooney, Van Persie and others have a great strike record.

Whatever the result it is sure to be a great game, with me just hoping Manchester United’s experience stays strong in the end!



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