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New Formula One weight limits for 2014


The latest news in Formula One is the proposed weight limits, which have been increased to take into account the introduction of new and improved engines. The problem is the new engines are heavier than what was previously envisaged, which naturally leads to an issue with drivers that carry more weight than their competitors. Over the years, Formula One has been trying to make the sport more competitive, with an emphasis on spreading the factors that win races. Recently, it has had a huge amount of focus on tyres and how their management influences pit stops and actual driving strategy. There has been an adverse reaction to some of these changes, with quite a large section of the Formula One world insisting that we going away from driver ability and car performance, which is what after all, is what the true essence of Formula One. I am betting that fans will see these proposals as just another factor taking precedence over drivers.

This season the allowed weight for driver and car has been set at 642kg. With the introduction of the new 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines and energy recovering system being incorporated in 2014, the minimum weight has been revised to 690kg. The unfortunate issue is that most of the additional 48kg will nearly all go towards accommodating the new engines. As a result drivers will have far less kilograms to play with in terms of how much they weigh. It is now a fact that as it stands, every kilogram will equate to approximately 0.035 seconds per lap on an average circuit – relatively quite huge chunk of time.

This ultimately means that smaller drivers will have a definite advantage. For example, Fernando Alonso weighs 68kg and will then have an advantage over Nico Hulkenberg who weighs 74kg. One of the greatest drivers in the sport, Nigel Mansell, is just one the many that voiced their concern over the weight limitations. McLaren’s Jenson Button has also commented on the proposed changes, admitting that he already struggles to meet the current weight limit, as he always has to maintain 74/75kg.

We can only hope the powers-that-be listen to the people on the ground, and give their comments and concerns serious consideration.


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Mercedes Lewis Hamilton wins at the Hungarian GP

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Lewis Hamilton had an emotional win at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the first win for the season and the Mercedes team. The Englishman started in pole position and even though he had his doubts on whether he could win the race under the hot conditions and his ongoing struggle with Pirelli tyres. But these doubts all disappeared as he dominated the race from start to finish, only losing the lead when having to pit. Online sports betting operators like Bet365 had Lewis at 9/1 to win the race and would have been glad to see the odds on favourite Sebastian Vettel finish the race in third position, as Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen came in second.

It was the first time that everything went well for Lewis and his Mercedes team, with him starting in pole position, tyres coping well with the heat,  no system failures and sublime driving from the Mercedes driver. In contrast, the other drivers had issues and incidents to contend with in qualifying and during the actual race. Red Bull’s Mark Webber started off 10th on the grid, and was totally unimpressed with his team and car. Yet again, Lotus’ Romain Grosjean was in the middle of a few incidents that cost him and other drivers time and position during the race, which saw him awarded a drive through penalty and a 20 second time penalty to his race time. Red Bull’s Vettel suffered as he touched McLaren’s Jenson Button which resulted in Vettel’s damaging with front wing in Turn Two, and then he had problems with his Kers power boost system overheating.

Lewis did his part as well, as the crowds saw his flawless skill in overtaking to ensure his win. The Mercedes driver is comfortable at this track where he has now won four times out of seven starts. It was notably quite an emotional win for the driver for a number of reasons, it was his first win of the season and for Mercedes, it came as a shock considering he has started in pole position before only to see his position diminish as the race progressed and his tyres gave way, and finally it has been a difficult past few weeks in his personal life with the break up of his long time girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.

I am hoping this win will inspire even more from Lewis and fulfil his true potential whilst at the same time silencing his critics and winning some cash for his betting fans!


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Mercedes betting that Hamilton can win

After the practice sessions and the impressive performance put in by Mercedes Hamilton, one can understand why online betting markets have seen prices for the Englishman shorten to at least win a race and be in the running for the new season. Even though the practice sessions are not anything to set your real expectations by for the season, due to the fact that there is no information on fuel loads etc., Hamilton setting the fastest time on the second to last day of the session was something to take note of. The lap time of  80.558 seconds was a massive .708 seconds clear of Ferrari’s Massa. with Red Bull and McLaren no where to be seen!

Although Hamilton has been playing down these results, and in fact he has already been quoted in saying his first year at Mercedes will be all about being in the points as opposed to winning any races, still has not been able to dampen expectations of him and his team. The Australian GP is coming up this weekend and there is already talk of him being in the running there.  The smart bet would be have Hamilton to the be the fastest in practice, and Paddypower does have betting markets where drivers are spilt into groups for outright betting for the first race of the season in Melbourne. Outright Group Betting 2 has Hamilton as favourite at 11/8.

Personally, I believe this season will be even more interesting than last year. There are many teams that can be competing for the titles this year, and even Ferrari’s Alonso has been quoted as saying that ‘any one of 10 drivers could win Sunday’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix’ All the big teams showed glimpses of what they are able to achieve during the practice sessions and it is now time for them to do it for real!

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Lewis Hamilton moves away from McLaren

It has been confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will be driving for Mercedes from the start of the next Formula One season. Hamilton, 27, signed a three year deal with the Mercedes, and both parties are fully committed to getting back to consistently winning races and titles. Rumours of Lewis’ unhappiness at McLaren and the apparent interest by Ross Brawn and the Mercedes team have been well documented. Eddie Jordan was the first to finally admit what we all suspected, that Hamilton’s Management Team were is serious talks with Mercedes and the McLaren relationship was coming to an end.

At first glance, one may think the move away from McLaren is short lived and only for the money. But this could not be further from the truth. Mercedes is a more well known, global brand; which would be a perfect fit for Hamilton. The new deal will also enable him to increase his activity in the sponsorship and endorsement world – something which was frowned upon at McLaren. More importantly, Brawn has managed to convine the English driver that he will be able to benefit from new chassis and engine regulations in 2014.

There is no doubt that Lewis is one of the most exciting and proven drivers in the business, and with the right car and team there would be nothing to stop him winning races consistently. It is big loss for McLaren who have already announced Perez to be Lewis’ replacement. For Mercedes, Schumacher will make way for the Hamilton, but the verdict is still out as to what the German wants to do in the future. I’m betting that he retires, but still retains some sort of relationship with Mercedes.

For now, we have the Japanese GP to look froward to, with Hamilton online betting favourite at SkyBet, priced at 9/4.

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