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Formula One drivers threaten to withdraw at German GP


It has been confirmed that Formula One drivers have threatened to withdraw from the German Grand Prix if there is another set of tyre failures as seen at Silverstone. The news is not surprising considering what was witnessed at the British Grand Prix and comments made by several of the drivers, including Lewis Hamilton after the race. There were an unprecedented six incidents involving tyre blowouts and failures, one of which arguably cost Lewis Hamilton at the very least a podium finish. This no doubt would have been good news for betting operators, but not great for sports betting fans with money on Lewis to win that weekend.

Some may feel the drivers should not pursue this avenue, but the fact is that the drivers are the ones placing their lives at risk and are in the front line. In light of this, it is understandable that they have their say and express their genuine concerns on aspects of racing that can be life threatening and more importantly can and should be improved. Pirelli and the FIA have reacted to this and to their credit, the tyre manufacturer has changed the tyres for the German Grand Prix.

After the first day of practice for the German GP, there have been repeat of the incidents seen at the British Grand Prix and drivers have been in the main quite happy and pleased with the new set of tyres introduced by Pirelli. lewis Hamilton and Vettel were the fastest drivers from the two practice sessions. Vettel was one of the drivers that confirmed that his team was ‘happy Pirelli brought a new tyre for this event’ and it definitely showed that Pirelli ‘had the flexibility to react in a couple of days’.

Let’s hope that al goes well and the drivers and tyres stand up the extensive scrutiny over the coming weekend.



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