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New Formula One weight limits for 2014


The latest news in Formula One is the proposed weight limits, which have been increased to take into account the introduction of new and improved engines. The problem is the new engines are heavier than what was previously envisaged, which naturally leads to an issue with drivers that carry more weight than their competitors. Over the years, Formula One has been trying to make the sport more competitive, with an emphasis on spreading the factors that win races. Recently, it has had a huge amount of focus on tyres and how their management influences pit stops and actual driving strategy. There has been an adverse reaction to some of these changes, with quite a large section of the Formula One world insisting that we going away from driver ability and car performance, which is what after all, is what the true essence of Formula One. I am betting that fans will see these proposals as just another factor taking precedence over drivers.

This season the allowed weight for driver and car has been set at 642kg. With the introduction of the new 1.6 litre V6 turbo engines and energy recovering system being incorporated in 2014, the minimum weight has been revised to 690kg. The unfortunate issue is that most of the additional 48kg will nearly all go towards accommodating the new engines. As a result drivers will have far less kilograms to play with in terms of how much they weigh. It is now a fact that as it stands, every kilogram will equate to approximately 0.035 seconds per lap on an average circuit – relatively quite huge chunk of time.

This ultimately means that smaller drivers will have a definite advantage. For example, Fernando Alonso weighs 68kg and will then have an advantage over Nico Hulkenberg who weighs 74kg. One of the greatest drivers in the sport, Nigel Mansell, is just one the many that voiced their concern over the weight limitations. McLaren’s Jenson Button has also commented on the proposed changes, admitting that he already struggles to meet the current weight limit, as he always has to maintain 74/75kg.

We can only hope the powers-that-be listen to the people on the ground, and give their comments and concerns serious consideration.


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Manchester United all wrong about Rooney

Wayne Rooney

The saga continues between Wayne Rooney and Manchester United, with the striker now ‘angry and confused’ with Moyes latest comments and Chelsea coming in with a bid for the player which has been rejected. It all started last season as Sir Alex Ferguson started to favour Welbeck and Robin van Persie as his strikers of choice. Understandably, the English International was not happy and verbally requested a transfer at the end of 2012/13 season. Things seemed to be calming down during the summer, as David Moyes insisted Wayne was part of his plans going forward and reports of the striker looking fitter than ever.

This is all changed with recent comments by Moyes where he confirmed Robin van Persie as his main striker, and Wayne would be kept on as a replacement for the Dutchman, if he got injured. This was not the best thing to say, as I am betting anyone would infer that Wayne would never be able to fight for his place, as the decision had already been made on the choice of striker, and that the English striker would be on the bench waiting for van Persie to be injured to get a run. I have to admit that if I was Rooney, I would be re-thinking my future at a club who just wanted me as a substitute, after nine years of playing regular Premier League and International football, and still in the prime of my career.

Is it no wonder that there is interest from Jose Mourinho, with him stating that Rooney is a player that he admires and obviously it would not be good for one of the best English strikers to be sitting on a bench for the best part of a season. I can understand Manchester United’s view, that they would like to continue with van Persie and keep Rooney as a back up, especially with Robin’s past experiences with injuries that kept him out of the game for long spells at Arsenal.

However, it just does not seem right that a player with the potential, experience, goal scoring record, work rate and calibre of Wayne Rooney to be ‘warming the bench’. It is not good for the player, the England team, Manchester United fans and the English Premier League, that one of the best and most exciting players in the world is sat on a bench in the hope of someone getting injured. Can I blame the striker for wanting out, not really.

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Formula One drivers threaten to withdraw at German GP


It has been confirmed that Formula One drivers have threatened to withdraw from the German Grand Prix if there is another set of tyre failures as seen at Silverstone. The news is not surprising considering what was witnessed at the British Grand Prix and comments made by several of the drivers, including Lewis Hamilton after the race. There were an unprecedented six incidents involving tyre blowouts and failures, one of which arguably cost Lewis Hamilton at the very least a podium finish. This no doubt would have been good news for betting operators, but not great for sports betting fans with money on Lewis to win that weekend.

Some may feel the drivers should not pursue this avenue, but the fact is that the drivers are the ones placing their lives at risk and are in the front line. In light of this, it is understandable that they have their say and express their genuine concerns on aspects of racing that can be life threatening and more importantly can and should be improved. Pirelli and the FIA have reacted to this and to their credit, the tyre manufacturer has changed the tyres for the German Grand Prix.

After the first day of practice for the German GP, there have been repeat of the incidents seen at the British Grand Prix and drivers have been in the main quite happy and pleased with the new set of tyres introduced by Pirelli. lewis Hamilton and Vettel were the fastest drivers from the two practice sessions. Vettel was one of the drivers that confirmed that his team was ‘happy Pirelli brought a new tyre for this event’ and it definitely showed that Pirelli ‘had the flexibility to react in a couple of days’.

Let’s hope that al goes well and the drivers and tyres stand up the extensive scrutiny over the coming weekend.



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Confederations Cup Finals for Brazil

Confederations Cup betting

Brazil are through to the Finals of the Confederations Cup with 2-1 victory over Uruguay in a close semi final encounter in the Estadio Mineirao. The game was billed to be one of the most exciting of the tournament with the two teams historically having a fierce rivalry ever since fans can remember. The atmosphere in the stadium before the game did not disappoint, with the Brazilian home support being a definite advantage which was indescribable and very loud! The betting for the game was quite close with Brazil being slight favourites as they have only been beaten once at home in the last 50 years.

The game started off very tight, with Uruguay making sure that Brazil did not have the space to dictate the game. Some players like the Hulk did suffer and lacked the control on the ball needed to make a difference in the early part of the game. Uruguay did have a great opportunity as David Luiz pulled Lugano to the ground during a corner kick and was awarded a penalty. Diego Forlan stepped forward to the kick, and should have been an almost certainty to score. However, a brilliant save from Cesar in the 14th minute made sure the score remained at 0-0.

Brazil finally went ahead with a moment of brilliance  from their player, Neymar. In seconds he was down the pitch crossing a ball which presented an opportunity to Fred to cut into the corner of the Uruguayan goal in the 42nd minute. The first half ended in 1-0 to Brazil, but the lead only lasted three minutes into the second half before Cavani slotted past the Brazilian goalkeeper as his defenders failed to clear. The goal produced a deafening silence in the stadium, but it did not last long as Neymar encouraged the crowd to get behind the home team.

In the end it was a Neymar corner kick that was met by Paulinho in the 86th minute to make sure Brazil make it to the finals for the third year in a row. Felipe Scolari did make telling substitutions with Bernard and Hernanes, and the two players injected a new lease of life into the team, which as the second half went on penned Uruguay into their own half for long periods of time and saw the visitors tire as every minute went by.

Now we should expect Spain to deal with Italy, especially with Mario Balotelli not involved in the tournament and the Italians leaking goals on an unprecedented level.



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Sergio Garcia offends Tiger Woods


Sergio Garcia has managed to embarrass himself and sully golf with public comments about ‘fried chicken’ whilst referring to what he would serve Tiger Woods for dinner. It is no secret that these two famous players just don’t seem to get along and there would be no betting on them ever being friends in the near future. However, the comments were definitely made in poor taste and although Sergio claimed that there were no racist meanings intended, to the common person, and to myself, one would have to say that it was racist and clearly shows there is still some work to do in changing people’s thinking and attitudes towards black players.

To Sergio’s defence, he did immediately offer an unreserved apology and did try to contact Tiger personally to offer his regret for making the comments. However, for a grown man, in such a public way to make such inappropriate comments, would lead anyone to think that he is probably quite accustomed to making such comments in private and thus it was easy for the ‘slip of the tongue’. Tiger did show his obvious and totally understandable displeasure of the whole affair, but as usual, the world number one did not make a huge deal of the incident and instead acted with dignity throughout the affair.

Both players have agreed the focus going forward should be golf, and it is probably for the best that everyone looks at the next tournament. But it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth and I am genuinely shocked that such a high profile player at the top of his game, can behave in such a shameful manner. For me, I think the apology was more for his sponsors and it was the smart thing to do, after making such a public mistake.


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Vijay Singh decides to sue PGA Tour

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh has decided to take legal action against the PGA Tour for their actions in banning him from competitive play without conducting any testing for his admission of using deer antler spray. The way this issue was dealt with by the PGA leads a lot of people in the game to believe the Fijian has strong betting chance of being successful in the courts. The golfer did admit to using the a spray that had a small amount of the growth hormone banned by the World AntiDoping Agency, and was then immediately banned from the game. However, Vijay won an appeal and was able to get back into the game.

The golfer’s lawsuit has been filed and claims that he has been ‘humiliated, ridiculed and emotionally distraught’. The PGA has yet to comment of the affair, but they must feel that Vijay does have a strong case for being unfairly treated. In the first instance, there were no testing done, before the decision to ban the golfer was taken. If this was actually done, it would have shown that the product that Singh was using had no active biological ingredient and therefore would not have improved nay part of his performance.

It is just unbelievable that such an organisation would be so foolhardy in bringing a such a long standing player  on the circuit into disrepute and could well have caused irreparable damage to the player’s image and earning potential both on and off the course.

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Betting on the Grand National


The Grand National is one of the most exciting and famous race meetings of the horse racing calendar, and in all of my years of betting, I have yet to select a horse to place, never mind to win on the beloved race! Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that punters betting on the race have anything to worry about, as I do know of others who consistently find the winners (or come close) every year. It is just I am completely hopeless in choosing from the forty strong field!

I suppose that’s the one of the main mysteries of the popular race, is that favourites and form does not really matter. It is all about the actual race and how is run on the day. Past results have borne this out, with the most recent winner being a 66/1 winner, which no one never really mentioned in the build up to the race. Auroras Encore was the 11 year old trained by Sue Smith, ridden by Ryan Mania, that won the 166th Grand National at Aintree by an impressive 9 lengths. The winner was one of the seventeen runners that finished the race, emphasising the point that form and experience does not really play any huge part in who finishes.

Seabass was the gamble of the day with huge amounts of money being poured onto the horse. It went off as the 11/2 favourite and only managed to finish 13th. It was a popular selection as it was ridden by Katie Walsh and trained by Ted Walsh. If it had won it would have made history as the forst woman to won the race, and cement Katie’s talent (after winning two races at the Cheltenham Festival).

Can’t wait for next year!

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Betting in Play fans thank Murray

andy murray


Andy Murray’s win at the Sony Open in Miami was filled with thrills and excitement made only better under the extreme heat and determination of the 25 year old Scotsman. Andy not only showed his physical superiority, but his ever improving mental toughness. Andy lost the first five games of the match and any betting in play fans who had the courage and faith to take advantage of the prices going out on him ever getting the title were generously rewarded at the end of the match.

The win takes Murray into the World Number two spot, and will now allow him to focus all his attention on familiarising himself with the clay court surface, which by his own admission is his worst surface. What makes it even more a daunting prospect is that it has nearly been a year since the young man has played on the surface in any competitive tournament. However, he goes into the clay court season filled with confidence and the knowledge that he can improve.

The French Open sees him genrally placed in third favourite spot after Nadal and Djokovic being favourite and second favourite respectively. In spite of Nadal’s injury and being out for the best part of eight months, his impressive return to the game with him reaching four finals and winning three of those , deservedly makes him the bookies favourite. This is especially the case, when looking back at his record, Nadal has won the French Open seven times so far in his career!

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Can Rory regain top spot at Houston


After Tiger Woods achieving the World Number One ranking by winning at Bay Hill, Rory Mcllory has the perfect opportunity to wrestle back the top spot with a win in the Houston Open this weekend. The golfers enjoy a great relationship, on and off the green,  with Rory being one of the first to congratulate Tiger on being Number One since losing it way back in October 2010. The Irishman actually admitted that Tiger Woods sent him a text saying to get his finget out and ‘win this week’. For the sake of golfing fans all over the world, we are all betting that Rory win at Houston in order for this year to have some excitement and thrills on who will be the best.

Rory would have expected to be in the running, but at the early stages of the Houston Open, he has been struggling with an initial score of one over par 73. But there is still enough time for him to make up on lost ground, so fingers crossed, golf fans could still be in for a treat. Whatever happens we are all in for an exciting year, with Tiger finally back on form, but not anywhere near his best. Pundits have all been agreement, that one thing is for certain, that the American’s confidence is returning and with that will come more wins together with ever improving form.

Mcllory admits that he enjoys Tiger’s company and relishes the chance to go against one of the best golfers the world has ever seen. I suspect that Rory will want to go against a fully fit and in form Tiger, and come out on top. This would finally prove to all his critics that he is the the best in golf and more importantly, the future of golf – with Tiger being the shoved into the history books. However, the American will no doubt have other plans! Tiger has already stated that he wants to be better than he was back in the day, and believes that his new swing, experience and more clam private life can lead him to be a better golfer than he was when he dominated the game years ago.


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Lewis Hamilton moves away from McLaren

It has been confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will be driving for Mercedes from the start of the next Formula One season. Hamilton, 27, signed a three year deal with the Mercedes, and both parties are fully committed to getting back to consistently winning races and titles. Rumours of Lewis’ unhappiness at McLaren and the apparent interest by Ross Brawn and the Mercedes team have been well documented. Eddie Jordan was the first to finally admit what we all suspected, that Hamilton’s Management Team were is serious talks with Mercedes and the McLaren relationship was coming to an end.

At first glance, one may think the move away from McLaren is short lived and only for the money. But this could not be further from the truth. Mercedes is a more well known, global brand; which would be a perfect fit for Hamilton. The new deal will also enable him to increase his activity in the sponsorship and endorsement world – something which was frowned upon at McLaren. More importantly, Brawn has managed to convine the English driver that he will be able to benefit from new chassis and engine regulations in 2014.

There is no doubt that Lewis is one of the most exciting and proven drivers in the business, and with the right car and team there would be nothing to stop him winning races consistently. It is big loss for McLaren who have already announced Perez to be Lewis’ replacement. For Mercedes, Schumacher will make way for the Hamilton, but the verdict is still out as to what the German wants to do in the future. I’m betting that he retires, but still retains some sort of relationship with Mercedes.

For now, we have the Japanese GP to look froward to, with Hamilton online betting favourite at SkyBet, priced at 9/4.

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