Mercedes Lewis Hamilton wins at the Hungarian GP

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Lewis Hamilton had an emotional win at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the first win for the season and the Mercedes team. The Englishman started in pole position and even though he had his doubts on whether he could win the race under the hot conditions and his ongoing struggle with Pirelli tyres. But these doubts all disappeared as he dominated the race from start to finish, only losing the lead when having to pit. Online sports betting operators like Bet365 had Lewis at 9/1 to win the race and would have been glad to see the odds on favourite Sebastian Vettel finish the race in third position, as Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen came in second.

It was the first time that everything went well for Lewis and his Mercedes team, with him starting in pole position, tyres coping well with the heat,  no system failures and sublime driving from the Mercedes driver. In contrast, the other drivers had issues and incidents to contend with in qualifying and during the actual race. Red Bull’s Mark Webber started off 10th on the grid, and was totally unimpressed with his team and car. Yet again, Lotus’ Romain Grosjean was in the middle of a few incidents that cost him and other drivers time and position during the race, which saw him awarded a drive through penalty and a 20 second time penalty to his race time. Red Bull’s Vettel suffered as he touched McLaren’s Jenson Button which resulted in Vettel’s damaging with front wing in Turn Two, and then he had problems with his Kers power boost system overheating.

Lewis did his part as well, as the crowds saw his flawless skill in overtaking to ensure his win. The Mercedes driver is comfortable at this track where he has now won four times out of seven starts. It was notably quite an emotional win for the driver for a number of reasons, it was his first win of the season and for Mercedes, it came as a shock considering he has started in pole position before only to see his position diminish as the race progressed and his tyres gave way, and finally it has been a difficult past few weeks in his personal life with the break up of his long time girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.

I am hoping this win will inspire even more from Lewis and fulfil his true potential whilst at the same time silencing his critics and winning some cash for his betting fans!


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